About FDFC

Welcome to the Fire Door Furniture Company (FDFC)

The FDFC was conceptualised in 2022 and established by F.I.R.E. Consultancy in 2023 to make sustainable furniture products from the thousands of old fire doors reaching end of life that are removed from buildings.

However, the FDFC is much more than that. It has big ambitions.



The FDFC company aims to create a circular economy and help people from disadvantaged backgrounds develop their skills with recognised qualifications that can be attractive to potential employers.

How can the FDFC go about that? The company has investment from F.I.R.E. Consultancy - it uses its resources and expanding premises to accommodate workshops and classrooms, now boasting six units.

It’s taken years to get to this stage, however we now have the workshop, dedicated classrooms, the craftspeople and the raw materials needed. That means the adventure can really get started.

The aim is for the FDFC to provide training programmes on a two teachers per student basis. Each student will undertake a paid educational programme while working towards gaining a formal qualification.



Whether it's blocks of flats, commercial buildings, schools and many other types of premises, fire doors are regularly decommissioned and replaced.

With building safety checks increasing more and more fire doors are being deemed not fit for purpose and removed. Sadly, many of them simply end up in landfill.

Where the doors are suitable (for example no asbestos), the FDFC recognises potential in recycling and a new lease of life. The programme will welcome old, unwanted and defective doors with open arms so our team can get to work turning them into useful products.

We're determined that nothing should go to waste. Even the wood chip dust from production is reused to create little fire lighters for wood burning stoves.

In addition, the FDFC recognises everyone’s potential to be creative. For example, the company has also been producing paintings which are then framed by using wood from the old doors.


Why the FDFC?

Our founder, Jason Hill, has always felt on a deep personal level that if people wish to do so then they can make amazing things happen. It takes time, effort and money (all of which can be difficult to obtain and often not all at the same time), however the programme is passionate about providing a route to education, sustainability and liberating every person’s potential route to employment.

One of our key objectives is to provide students with an educational path to employment outside of mainstream education.


The FDFC Shop (coming soon)

The products produced will be available to purchase from our online retail store, which is coming soon. If you see something you like but wish to have a bespoke look or size produced then you'll be able to get in contact with us - we can make most things happen.

If you’d like to know more about the FDFC, would like to visit the workshop or you have a request for a product then we’d love to hear from you.

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